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Cost of Cesarean Delivery in Georgia
Cost of cesarean delivery in georgia « Health - fitness « Health & beauty « Services « Home

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Published on : 10 May 2019
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Cost of Cesarean deliveryfor twins ( single room ) The cost of Cesarean delivery for twins in Georgia ( single room ) is five times greater than having a single child. The total cost of Cesarean for twins in Georgia is GEL.8080.79 exclusive of other expenses. We have tabulated the cost of Cesarean in Georgia for delivering twins so that you can interpret in the best possible manner. The costs of cesarean will depend upon longer hospital stays, the need for C-sections, conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and anemia. Twin babies also need more intensive care after birth. Facilities provided by a private room Patients can opt for some of the comfort and convenience for some additional fees in their private wings, but with slightly different benefits and costs compared to the description below. One can enjoy the following benefits: Choice of specialists, a doctor who will take care of the first appointment till delivery. Epidural when requested. Family member will be allowed in the delivery room (except in an emergency situation). Husband will be allowed to stay in a single room with the patient and the baby. Daily menu with various meal options such as Western or vegetarian food. Priority lane for treatment at specialist clinics. One can opt for a comfortable and private First Class or Executive Ward. Success rate of cesarean delivery in Georgia The number of C-section deliveries in Georgia has been increasing since 2011 especially in private hospitals. The World Health Organization (WHO) prescribes the ideal rate of C-section as 10-15 percent, Georgia’s private hospitals conduct more than 65 percent C-section deliveries. From April 2016 to January 2017, more than 9,200 deliveries in Georgia were C-section, of the total 14,612 cases. The success rate of cesarean (C-section) delivery in Georgia is more than 95%. Affordability of C-section in Georgia The cost of C-section delivery in Georgia is very affordable. There are many options available for a patient to choose from according to their taste and preferences. With the aid of modern and advanced medical technologies, it has become faster and almost a painless procedure in C- section delivery. Recovery time post cesarean delivery Post cesarean delivery, mothers need a complete bed rest in the hospital for at least 3-5 days. It is also possible that the new mother will experience severe pain, cramping and bleeding at the site of the incision for at-least3 to 5 weeks. The severity of these symptoms is different for different women who have undergone the operation, but it should improve within a short span of time. Indications for performing a C Section A Cesarean delivery can be performed as an elective choice or during an emergency when any risk is posed to the mother and newborn. C- section delivery is usually performed at full term at the end of 38 weeks. A cesarean birth may be medically necessary because of the following reasons: When normal vaginal delivery is risky and complicated In case of twin babies or triplets Fetal emergency or concern. When the fetus has certain birth defects such as hydrocephalus, or excess fluid on the brain. When the fetus is in breech or transverse position in the womb The baby is too large to travel through the cervix. When the mother has a medical condition or contagious virus, such as herpes and HIV. The mother has complicating conditions, such as Diabetes or high blood pressure The expectant mother has diabetes or a uterine condition The mother has problems with the placenta or a fibroid obstructing the cervix. There are abnormalities in the placental or umbilical cord. The mother has previously had surgery or given birth via cesarean delivery. Many women choose to go for a cesarean birth for non-medical reasons like avoiding the pain of normal labor. If anxiety related to vaginal birth is the only reason for selecting a Cesarean delivery, it is highly advisable to speak to an obstetrician about the risks involved with a cesarean delivery and the possible benefits of a vaginal birth. Cost of high risk cesarean delivery in Georgia The cost of high risk cesarean delivery in Georgia has the highest price tag costing parents an average. The cost is nearly double the average cost per stays in Georgia for all types of delivery. Several health conditions such as anemia, diabetes can increase complications and delivery costs. A delivery stay can costs up to 55 percent more for a woman with diabetes. The average health care for premature/low birth weight infants is almost 10 times more costly than that for newborns without health conditions. The cost of C-Section in Georgia skyrockets for the procedure, hospital stay, and anesthesia, Cost of normal deliveries in Georgia that require surgical intervention are by far the most expensive, costing is average.

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