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DNA Fragmentation Test Cost in Georgia
Dna fragmentation test cost in georgia « Health - fitness « Health & beauty « Services « Home

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Ad ID : Ozapbex

Published on : 10 May 2019
Ad Type : I am offering
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State : Delhi
City : New Delhi
Postal Code : 0
Street : karol bagh
Phone : 8929020600
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DNA Fragmentation Test Cost in Georgia The DNA fragmentation test cost in Georgia ranges from GEL.275.74 to GEL.2948.91 based on various location, qualification and expertise of doctors and laboratory. DNA fragmentation tests are performed in DNA labs in Georgia giving infertile couples a chance to have their own biological baby. You can book an appointment at to know more about the test, schedule a test and to get the best DNA fragmentation test cost in Georgia. Factors Affecting Sperm DNA Fragmentation In men, the major factors affecting sperm DNA fragmentation is oxidative stress, which can be associated with the following reasons: Infection Environmental and occupational pollutants Elevated testicular temperature exposure to some chemicals such as in paints, pesticides, or with occupational exposure Smoking Recreational drugs Pyrexia Varicocele Alcohol Stress Diet Benefits of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test Provides prognostic value in assessing the outcome of assisted conception treatment To get a reliable DNA sperm analysis that can help in identifying men who are at risk of subfertility Provides all the necessary information about clinical diagnosis, management and treatment of male fertility Who Requires DNA Fragmentation Test? Male partners having a high percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA have fewer chances of a successful pregnancy and can lead to higher miscarriage rates from spontaneous conceptions. DNA fragmentation test is an effective method to evaluate DNA damage in the following cases: Unexplained infertility Poor blastocyst development Varicocoele Multiple failed IVF/ICSI treatment Recurrent miscarriages Arrested embryo development Advanced parental age Poor semen parameters exposure to harmful substances

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