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Delhi - New Delhi

Best ICSI Centres in India
Best icsi centres in india « Hospitals « Health & beauty « Services « Home

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Ad ID : f634naR

Published on : 12 March 2019
Ad Type : I am offering
Contact Details
State : Delhi
City : New Delhi
Postal Code : 110001
Street : Delhi,india
Phone : 7899912611
Website :
Email Us :
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Best ICSI Centres in India. Get first appointment FREE, check Doctor Reviews, ICSI Treatment Costs, ICSI Success rate and Hospital Reviews and Infrastructure. ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is generally the next step to IVF treatment to improve the chances of achieving a pregnancy. In this procedure, the egg is fertilized in-vitro by injecting a healthy motile sperm directly into egg cytoplasm.ICSI is a fertility treatment often combined with In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). In IVF, the sperms are mixed with eggs in a petri dish to achieve fertilization, which requires many healthy motile sperms. In ICSI procedure, a single good sperm can achieve the same result. ICSI treatment is one of the most successful treatments to help men with low sperm count and motility. Fertility specialists at ICSI centres in India have successfully conducted thousands of ICSI treatment cycles for patients seeking the best infertility treatment.In the past, couples with severe male infertility had to depend on donor sperms. Today, ICSI centres in India make it possible to select and use healthy sperm from the male partner or intended father even when the sperm count is low. Babies are born with the use of father’s sperms, thus they are genetically linked to both the parents.

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